Possible Issue?

After a look at the bike trail map for Panorama’s Mountain Bike Park, I saw something that made me curious..

Does the service road crossing Alcatraz and Bazooka Joe have vehicle traffic from the resort and if so, is there ever risk management issues involved with this.



(The Service Road is the Black Dotted Line)

Does anybody who has ever been the bike park at Panorama know about this and have any insight?

Spring Skiing!!

As i sit in Nelson with a seemingly endless pile of homework, I can not help but dreaming of spring skiing and Panorama! Web cam shot looks sick, and theres 17 CMS forecasted within the next few days.


Today – 7CM                     Sun – 10CM
Snow                            Snow

-3° -8°                                  -5° -9°
  1. Let me live vicariously through you and take a visit to Pano this weekend!

Summer Employment?

On topic of the summer mountain bike park at Panorama, I found a very interesting job posting that I am highly considering for this summer, or even next! 

Bike Park Trail Crew – Summer

Location: Panorama, BC
Department: Mountain Operations
Employment Type: Full Time Seasonal
Start Date: May 26, 2014
Pay range: $10.50 p/h

Though the pay is not much compared to my Trail crew position at Canada Olympic Park last summer, it would be a great opportunity to make a great impression of my self at the resort and would also allow me to build upon my existing skills leading me into my career in the ski industry. 

Many more summer employment opportunities can be viewed online on Panorama’s website under “Employment”. Definitely worth giving a peep if your interested in working there!

Reason #1

After basically setting up a criteria for my self on where I want to work this November, I found that the top requirement on my list was a resort that had summer operations.

Not only do I mountain biking, but I also want the opportunity to continue my employment through the spring, summer and fall. I figured the best way to ensure this would be to pick from the list of of ski hills that turn to bike parks for summer.
ImageAfter looking at the bike park stats, I was relatively pleased seeing that they had 33% Intermediate trails which is where my skill level is currently at, and that there was also 33% expert so there would still be a drive to challenge myself towards tougher and more technical terrain. 


Number of Trails

  • 17 authentic mountain trails
  • 1 Rockstar Energy Drink zone with multiple signature features
  • 2 dirt jump trails (Mercy Me and Hell’s Bells)

Degree of Difficulty

  • 14% easy
  • 33% intermediate
  • 20% advanced
  • 33% expert

Longest Run

  • Let It Ride
  • Length: 3.2km
  • Vertical: 380m

Signature Run

  • Crazytrain, an expert fall line trail with numerous man-made features.

Total Vertical

  • 380m / 1246ft

New Favourite Resort…!?

After being to many really interesting resorts in Western Canada so far, I might have found a new favourite!


There are so many contributing factors for my new found love of Panorama, but I think the main reason was simply the overall experience I had while I was there. I was not able to ride much due to a knee injury but from the hot pools and sauna, to the wicked groomer ride I went on in the middle of the night, the staff and the resort it self gave me an extra special feel and I can’t wait to go back.

Learn more about this incredible mountain and why I fell for it so fast by staying tuned for more!

Winter Season :open December 6, 2013 – April 20, 2014.

Panorama Mountain Hours 9am – 4:30pm


Lift Maintenance Career Profile

Lift Maintenance Career Profile

This is a formal report prepared for my SROM 150. Included you will find: an intro to the assignment, background on my interviewee and his position, and a personal interpretation of what the specific career entails. I address how previous work experience instills inter-changeable skills that will mold your career and how it is not always necessary to follow a direct path to reach your goals. Being able to interview a person currently holding a position of interest for myself, not only broadened my depth in understanding of the job itself, but also, which skills may be helpful and my personal opinion of the career as a whole.