Great investment for the industry…in more than just one way

I seen a rather interesting post on Unofficial Networks today, and it focused on concept that I was rather surprised with once I watched the video!

As someone planning a life long career in the ski resort industry, I can definitely recognize the value of turning never-ever’s into even a return visitors and better yet, core riders! The simple way to encourage this is to prevent the ever so dreaded horrible first day that we know cane happen for some, especially those bold enough to try snowboarding the first time ever on a mountain (or hill).

I have never been a ski instructor, but from watching enough beginners I think this so to speak “snowboard brake” would most likely help those going out for their first couple times feel more comfortable would likely help transform more beginners and increase skier visits at resorts immediately, and for time to come!

Anybody think of any possible issues? Or how about my Aussie’s out there? They say that Thredbo is introducing these Boarder Kontrol snowboards this year and Id like to know if anyone has tried or seen one.