Reason #3

One of the coolest aspects of Panorama Resort is the fact they have such a centralized village that has an above average selection of accommodations for basically anyone’s needs! Whether it is rooms big enough for the whole family, a fancy suite for two, or a shared room in the Hostel, you have a very good chance of finding what you want and still get to be on-mountain. Not to mention, there are massive hot pools located in the upper village that are open for all of the lodging guests.



As for us paid professional ski bums that will be potentially working at Panorama, this doesn’t mean a whole lot; yet, the did not slack on the staff accommodations. For the staff within their first year(or two seasons) a fairly welcoming lodge offers 96 people individual rooms for $15.00 a night. This means for around $450.00 a month, inclusive, you get to live on mountain, never having to drive to work or miss out on any of the action, on or off the hill 😉