Quickie on Dopplemayer Detachable Grips

Ever since I started snowboarding, I have always been fascinated by ski lifts, and through working first hand with them I found out I had a passion for learning all about the functions and maintenance of them. Now that I am a student, I am able to satisfy this yearning and share my new found knowledge with the help of a few friends and my instructors.

Check out Part 1 in a series of YouTube videos i have filmed and edited staring Travis Teske, Lift Maintenance Millwright at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta. The lift featured in this group of short and informative videos is a high speed, detachable quad, the Legacy Express.

Great investment for the industry…in more than just one way

I seen a rather interesting post on Unofficial Networks today, and it focused on concept that I was rather surprised with once I watched the video!

As someone planning a life long career in the ski resort industry, I can definitely recognize the value of turning never-ever’s into even a return visitors and better yet, core riders! The simple way to encourage this is to prevent the ever so dreaded horrible first day that we know cane happen for some, especially those bold enough to try snowboarding the first time ever on a mountain (or hill).

I have never been a ski instructor, but from watching enough beginners I think this so to speak “snowboard brake” would most likely help those going out for their first couple times feel more comfortable would likely help transform more beginners and increase skier visits at resorts immediately, and for time to come!

Anybody think of any possible issues? Or how about my Aussie’s out there? They say that Thredbo is introducing these Boarder Kontrol snowboards this year and Id like to know if anyone has tried or seen one.

Anyone want to join?

On July 6, at Panorama this year, the Canada Cup DH Mountain Bike Race makes another appearance! With over 20 categories to compete in and over 200 riders expected sign up it is sure to be a riot!


For more info on the event and the Canada Cup Downhill Series, visit http://www.cyclingcanada.ca/sport/mountain-bike/events/type-of-event/canada-cup

Reason #3

One of the coolest aspects of Panorama Resort is the fact they have such a centralized village that has an above average selection of accommodations for basically anyone’s needs! Whether it is rooms big enough for the whole family, a fancy suite for two, or a shared room in the Hostel, you have a very good chance of finding what you want and still get to be on-mountain. Not to mention, there are massive hot pools located in the upper village that are open for all of the lodging guests.



As for us paid professional ski bums that will be potentially working at Panorama, this doesn’t mean a whole lot; yet, the did not slack on the staff accommodations. For the staff within their first year(or two seasons) a fairly welcoming lodge offers 96 people individual rooms for $15.00 a night. This means for around $450.00 a month, inclusive, you get to live on mountain, never having to drive to work or miss out on any of the action, on or off the hill 😉 

Snowmaking at Panorama

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, my second reason for liking Panorama and wanting to work there is snowmaking. During the last visit to Panorama with my SROAM class, we got a full in depth tour of the pumphouse and some of the guns from Snowmaking Manager, Jamie King.




Here you can see the guys posing with a few new TechnoAlpin TF10 Fan Guns. Panorama makes snow on 18 of their runs, around 3000 acres, and these new guns have a flow rate of 200 gallons per minute each! These improved guns Pano has invested in help pump out better quality, drier snow at a more efficient rate. This is super important when snowmaking is such a large expense at a resort like Panorama.


For more information on TechnoAlpin, and either the TF10 or TF40 fan guns, go to http://www.technoalpin.com/ 

Reason #2

So, lets’ get back to reality here! It’s not quite summer yet, and there are still a few more weeks left to the season. This time of year is another reminder why snowmaking is so vital to many resorts. Not only does it ensure your hill opens earlier in the season, it also ensures there will be enough snow coverage left on the lower and upper parts of the mountain for people to enjoy those beautiful spring skiing days. 
ImageSnowmaking is important to me at a resort because it is a science I have been fascinated with for the past 3 years, and it is a department I would really like to get into for my Co-Op this fall! It is one of the more physically intense jobs at a resort but it provides a lot of satisfaction in the sense you get to create a product and see people enjoy it every day (that is when your not sleeping)

Keep tuned for my next post where I will discuss some of the features Panorama’s Snowmaking System has 🙂

Possible Issue?

After a look at the bike trail map for Panorama’s Mountain Bike Park, I saw something that made me curious..

Does the service road crossing Alcatraz and Bazooka Joe have vehicle traffic from the resort and if so, is there ever risk management issues involved with this.



(The Service Road is the Black Dotted Line)

Does anybody who has ever been the bike park at Panorama know about this and have any insight?

Spring Skiing!!

As i sit in Nelson with a seemingly endless pile of homework, I can not help but dreaming of spring skiing and Panorama! Web cam shot looks sick, and theres 17 CMS forecasted within the next few days.


Today – 7CM                     Sun – 10CM
Snow                            Snow

-3° -8°                                  -5° -9°
  1. Let me live vicariously through you and take a visit to Pano this weekend!

Summer Employment?

On topic of the summer mountain bike park at Panorama, I found a very interesting job posting that I am highly considering for this summer, or even next! 

Bike Park Trail Crew – Summer

Location: Panorama, BC
Department: Mountain Operations
Employment Type: Full Time Seasonal
Start Date: May 26, 2014
Pay range: $10.50 p/h

Though the pay is not much compared to my Trail crew position at Canada Olympic Park last summer, it would be a great opportunity to make a great impression of my self at the resort and would also allow me to build upon my existing skills leading me into my career in the ski industry. 

Many more summer employment opportunities can be viewed online on Panorama’s website under “Employment”. Definitely worth giving a peep if your interested in working there!